NAB dividends

Dividends paid by NAB on 2 July 2021 are not appearing on my Sharesight overview screen but they are appearing on the NAB Holdings screen. This problem has not occurred with other dividends paid by other companies this financial year.

I have deleted the entry on the NAB holding screen and re entered it but that hasn’t fixed the problem.

Can any one help with this problem please?

So the Sharesight Overview screen is showing a NAB dividend of 0.00% or $0.00.
Suggest you first check that your date range is in scope e.g you do not have “in the last 2 weeks” selected. Try “in the last year” and see if it picks up the 10 Dec 2020 Dividend.
Check the income type is non trust since the ex date is the previous FY.
If that fails have a careful look that the dividend is entered correctly e.g correct ex and payment dates and franked dividend and franking credit payments.
Good luck

Thanks for your reply Fractal. I’ve tried all those suggestions without success. When I select a period of “in this month” or “in this financial year” there is no dividend shown on the Overview screen. When I select “this calendar year” or “in the last 3 months” the dividend is shown correctly. All the information on the “Edit” screen for NAB about the dividend paid on 2 July 2021 is correct.
I think there may be a program problem so I might try a support message to Sharesight.
Anyway, thanks again for your help.

Just double check the top of the edit screen to make certain it says Non Trust Income. If Trust Income it may take the payment as being on the ex date of 13/05/2021 which would explain why it does not show up in this month or this financial year.

You could also try the entry with a blank ex dividend date to see if that makes it work.

Since the overview works fine for me trying to think of some problem with the entry.

The dividend detail is shown as “Non Trust income”. If I remove the ex-dividend date Sharesight replaces it with the correct date of 13//05/2021.
I’ve referred the query to Sharesight and am awaiting a response.
Thanks again for your help.

Hi @Discoman dividend return is calculated by its ex-date instead of the paid-date. In this case you will see the NAB dividend appear in you overview page if its ex-date falls within the date range you check in your overview page.

Hi Piumi,
Thanks. I can see now that that is the reason. I was confused because I’ve received a number of dividends in July 2021 with ex-dates in July and they have shown up on the holdings page and the overview page but those with ex-date earlier than 1 July 2021 have not shown on the overview page.
Many thanks.