Multiple currency Trades + Payouts into Cash Accounts

I had to disable the payout/trade account settings because it limits it to one currency account, i.e. EUR. It is common to have an additional USD account/portfolio in Europe, Canada and other jurisdictions. The USD dividend, interest payouts should automatically be applied to the USD Cash account, and the EUR ones to the EUR cash account. If this is not taken into consideration, it is too complex to do it manually, and prone to errors .

Would love to turn off reporting based on currency of tax residency. The majority of my holding are in other currencies. Would love to be able to see performance, etc. in the transacted currencies.

Thank you for sharing this feedback @Willifog72 we are planning to do some changes to our cash account feature addressing these concerns. I will pass this on under our feature requests.

Thanks for sharing your feedback @thc I will pass this on to our feature requests for further evaluation.