USD Dividends

Probably this question has been asked before but I couldn’t find a clear answer. I’m EU-based & my base currency is EUR. I set up 2 cash accounts one in EUR & the other in USD as most of my holdings are in USD. If I configure the payouts to be booked in a cash account, SS only gives me the option to book them in the EUR account so when I sync the payouts to the EUR cash accounts all the USD dividends are converted to EUR & booked into the EUR account. Is there a way to book those dividends into the USD account apart from inputting them manually? I tend to reinvest those USD dividends into US shares but not in a DRIP program because the amounts are small. Thanks for the help

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Hi @OldBoyScout58, welcome to the community! :wave:

So with the cash account sync feature, currently, this can only sync trades to a cash account that is in the same currency as the portfolio’s base currency.

It sounds like your portfolio is in EUR, so it can only import trades in EUR automatically. You would need to manually enter your US trades into the US cash account.

This is an important feature for users investing outsidse of their home exchange. Has this been considered as part of a future upgrade? Thank you

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