MLT and SOL merger


I would like to understand how share sight functionality would work for Milton shareholder post merger with SOL. Will there be an auto adjustment feature that could lead to a swap from MLT to SOL? How the cost base would work in this scenario?

Hi @fraza I believe the final details are yet to be announced for this merger. Once it is finalised, you have to use our merge feature to record this and Sharesight will use the market price at the time of the merge to calculate the performance.

Now that the details of this merger are finalised I was wondering what date we use for the “Merge date” ? Is it the scheme record date (27.9.21) ?

Also I assume we don’t use the merge feature until after the implementation date (5.10.21) ?



Sharesight - any update on this for the MLT → SOL merger?


Hi, I followed the steps in this help guide Mergers and it worked perfectly for my MLT shares to SOL


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I followed the instructions and its saying my SOL holdings are at -4% return despite being closer to 15% ahead :frowning:

I was also wondering the date to enter in the merge function.

I assume its either the 5th or 6th of October. Not sure which!

What date did you use? The 5th or 6th October?

I used 05/10/2021

@Jyrate according to the scheme, record date will be September 27th:

@joe_zerafa, your performance for the newly merger SOL is based on the price at the date of the merger until the present day :+1:

Every other merger example on sharesight corporate actions that I have found use the scheme record dates for the “merge date”.

I used the 27.9.21 for the “merge date”.

Thanks :pray:, I’ve adjusted my post earlier. I’ll be updating shortly with how this should be handled in Sharesight.

Hi all!

Below I’ve added instructions on how you can handle this merger in Sharesight.

According to the scheme, MLT shareholders are entitled to receive 0.1863 new SOL fully paid ordinary shares. There is also a fully franked dividend for MLT of 37 cents per share, this will auto-generate on your holding.

Once you have worked out the shares you will receive in SOL, you just need to use our merge tool to merge MLT into SOL.

This will result in MLT becoming a closed position, you can still find it by filtering your overview to show open & closed positions. Or you can search for it in the holdings tab search bar.

Your performance figures that will show for SOL will be based on the price at the time of the merge. This will show on SOL when sold but will show gains in the CGT report based on the cost base of MLT.


Hi Jack, i’m also having some issues with my performance data since ive merged. I followed the instructions for when 100% rollover relief applies. is that correct for this merger?

ok so i add witch date? for the merger and do i add how many shares they game ? and do i adjust any cost ? or it already calculated it ?

So the unrealised performance for SOL when the merger is complete will be based upon the market price at the time of the merge. Moving forward, if you were to sell the holding, it will show in the CGT report with the cost base of the original shares in MLT :+1: