How to view which securities have been held for over 1 year?

Is there any way to quickly view which securities have been held continuously for over 1 year?

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Hi @international welcome to the Sharesight forum! :partying_face: What’s the context be of having to see these securities? Is it from a tax/CGT perspective?

The easiest way to do that would be to go to the “Unrealized CGT” Report and look under “Long Term Capital Gains (unrealised)”.

The downside with this is that it doesn’t group the trades, so if you have had multiple buy trades for a single holding, they will all be listed separately.

Thanks for the replies. Yes it is definitely for CGT reasons. Sometimes a security reaches my sell target but if it’s only a few days away from the 1 year tax discount I may as well wait. Would be nice to have an easy way to check which securities are eligible for the discount but doesn’t look like there is one.

If anyone in the future sees this I was able to manually do it by exporting all my trades into excel and creating a cumulative shares column.