how to handle the EDV share split from Wow

How is everyone handling the EDV share split from WOW to ensure records are accurate for tax?

EDV looks like a very good value here for me , especially with more drinking during lockdowns but lockdown also closes hotel side of it, so I won’t be rushing in right now. Also, many holders ended up with just a few shares and they will want to get rid of them at any price so bit of pressure from there as well . Once it all washes out, I am keen tbh.
Sorry Shells , I saw your “added” part re for tax purposes later .

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Welcome @Shells,

This discussion thread should help: How to handle the Woolworths (ASX: WOW) - Endeavour Demerger?

We’ll be issuing specific instructions once we hear from the registry but feel free to reach out to our support team using the
image below.

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Hi, have you received the info from the Registry yet on the WOW EDV?

Hi Ursula,

I’m pleased to confirm we have. Instructions on updating your portfolio can be found in this help page: