Generation Development Group (ASX: GDG) - Revocation of Pooled Development Fund Status

Could anyone please advise the correct treatment in Sharesight of the corporate action for Generation Development Group (ASX: GDG) in which they have applied to have their Pooled Development Fund (PDF) status revoked.

Under the terms of the coroprate action, on the 3rd June 2024 GDG shares were deemed to be disposed of and re-acquired for a Cost Base of $2.25 per share. As PDF status exempts GDG shareholders from any gains or losses (irrespective of whether the shares are held on capital or income account), the effect of the corporate action would be a disposal of the existing share as at 03/06/2024 at a price equal to the shareholders existing Cost Base, and an immediate re-acquisition of the shares at a cost base of $2.25 per share.