Difference between unrealised capital gain and overview capital gain?

Perhaps I’m not understanding something, but I’m trying to understand why there’s a difference between the capital gain shown in the Overview holdings table and that shown in the unrealised capital gains report.

In the overview table below, my Metcash holding shows a capital gain of -$940.14. This is incorrect. To arrive at this value the calculation has been derived from the market value on the day of acquisition ($8147.88), not the actual cost base which is only $1775.82. (These were inherited shares.)

In the unrealised capital gain report below, the calculation is done correctly. Why is there a difference? Surely the overview should show the unrealised gain as that is the number that matters? I’m happy to be corrected.

I note that if I change the opening transaction from an ‘Opening Balance’ to a ‘Buy Stock’, the calculation in the overview table is done correctly.


@djb21au so unrealised performance figures are based on the value at the time the opening balance is entered. If eventually sold, your CGT report will reflect gains or losses based on the cost base of the opening balance.

@Jack_Sharesight unfortunately this doesn’t work for those of us in the UK where you don’t provide a capital gains report :slight_smile: Is there any other way to achieve this aside from fudging the opening balance dates?

Yes there is! So when you initially enter the opening balance trade, there is a section where you can enter the market price. If you change this to your average buy price, it should adjust accordingly :+1: