ChiX exchange

Anyone had any luck getting ChiX stocks or Tracrs share price to automatically update.

Hi how did you get your tracrs transactions into sharesight?

Manual transaction only as a custom investment. I am not sure why the Chi X isn’t available in Sharesight as tracrs are becoming popular.

Hi @Kylie we do not support Chi-X listed stocks at the moment. You are right, you can use our custom investments feature to record them.
I will move this discussion under ‘feature ideas’ category for further discussion.

We’d love to hear from anyone else that would find this feature useful. Please can you :orange_heart: this post if you require Chi X data and you would like us to consider adding this to our roadmap.


Looks like some of my Chi-X listed warrants aren’t recognised but others are. E.g. all APTKC* series are missing but others like CBAKCS work fine.

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I have just started evaluating Sharesight by importing historical trades (1500) across some 250+ instruments.

Of all these one was rejected, FMGJCC. This is one of 37 warrant series for FMG (Fortescue) currently offered by Citiwarrants.

I was mystified as to why this was rejected until I realised that the
----C- series of Citiwarrants are on Chi-X rather than ASX.

So there are 7 FMG warrants on Chi-X. Multiply this by the Citiwarrants offering across all companies and it means there is a large number of warrants that are not within the Sharesight universe.

Adding any of these to a portfolio as a special item doesn’t really hack it as, presumably, this would mean manually entering every distribution as well.

So for anyone investing in warrants this lack of Chi-X support is an issue.

I would therefore support the inclusion of Chi-X in the list of supported exchanges.

I think the issue is the monthly cost for delayed or end of day data. Maybe Sharesight might need to go the Xero route , ie buy a basic package and then buy options for various exchange data feeds. I guess a user pays scenario.