CBOE Securities

Does Sharesight have plans to capture market data and support securities from CBOE? I have a number of ETFs listed on CBOE and I currently my only option is to manually add prices and distributions. Obviously this is sub-optimal and it would be great if these could be automated. Are there plans to hook up to CBOE data? It would be great if there are.

Hi there,
We currently get only the intraday price from CBOE. All the end of the day closing prices are obtained from ASX. Hence, we are unable to support the instruments that are listed only on CBOE at the moment.
The workaround for this is adding these instruments as a custom investment and updating the prices manually (can bulk update the price of custom investment via a csv file).

However, we do have plans to support the instruments listed on CBOE only down the line.

Apology for the any inconvenience caused on this.


I was also doing some looking around tonight and came across an ETF that was listed on Cboe. Tried to have a look at it using the Share Checker facility in Sharesight with no luck. The realised that Cboe is not supported. I know it’s a balancing act between spending your time & resources integrating with brokers or integrating with exchanges. We can but wait …