CGT report doesn't take 'canceled' shares CGT losses

Anyone else notice that Capital Gains Tax report on Sharesight does not take CGT loss into account on ‘canceled’ stocks?

Realised this for OZL - bought in ~Nov 2022, cancelled on the 2 May 2023 as a result of BHP take-over, which resulted in a capital loss in my case, however, Sharesight Capital Gains Tax report generated (FY23) does not take this amount into the calculation …

Hi there,
Sharesight does report any gains or losses made when the cancellation trade is added on your holding. If you have made a loss, the trade is recorded under the Capital Losses section of the report (assuming the correct date range is set on the CGT report).
Please reach out to us via if you require further help on this.


I’ve already contacted sharesight support, if there was a Tix number I would have provided. Please refer to details.