Average Purchase Price

Has anyone seen this bug for average purchase price?

If you have a holding and sell down to zero - then purchase more

It calculates your average price for your current holding including those purchases before your zero balance.

By my reasoning it should only include those since your last zero balance.


If this indeed the case your comment does make sense. This indeed would be a bug imho.

Yes it is a bug. Average Purchase Price should be calculated on open positions only. The way it is now is misleading and incorrect making it useless.

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Agree 100% it throws out all your performance metrics

Further to this bug issue on the Legacy Holdings Page switching between Showing Open Positions and Showing Open & Closed Positions does nothing.

On the New Beta Holdings page selecting Include Closed Positions does work but it doesn’t effected the Average Purchase Price, which it should if Include Closed Positions is on or off.

It’s a major bug.

Is this going to be resolved?

Hopefully a feature like choosing FIFO will be added so that Average Purchase Price calculations can be repaired. This will also need to include re-invested dividends for mutual funds and similar investments.