Woolworths in-specie distribution for SCA Property Group

This occurred in 2012 and existing woolworths shares were devalued by $-0.14598558 and Woolworths Shareholders will receive one Stapled Unit for every five Woolworths Shares that they hold as at the Distribution Record Date (being 7pm (Sydney time) on 30 November 2012). Any fractional entitlement will be rounded down to the nearest
whole number of Stapled Units. The Distribution will consist of a dividend component and a capital component for Australian taxation purposes. The dividend component will be fully franked.
I’m new to Sharesight so my understanding may be wrong. I think that I can’t use the ‘Adjust Cost Base’ as it adjust’s it by a percentage. So maybe I use the ‘Return of capital’ but will that adjust every buy and reinvestment’. Also as part of a employee share plan I was given some shares at zero cost. So that would probbly have to be treated as a capital gain. What is the best way to handle this?
Here is a link to some information