View a holdings under a "consolidated view"

I use “consolidated views” more than portfolios. This is because I manage multiple portfolios (mine, my partner’s, smsf), but like to view all the accounts holistically. That is how I like to view my current investment position, as many investors would. I tend to hold the same stock under multiple portfolios.

Because a holding cannot be viewed under a consolidated view, I end up having to do a lot of clicking and tabbing in certain situations. e.g.

  • I’d like to see my last trades for a holding. I end up having to open new tabs for each portfolio holding.
  • When a dividend comes through - and I hold the same stock across multiple portfolios - I end up having to open multiple tabs to complete the confirmation.

I’d really like to be able to view a holding under a consolidated view - it’ll be a huge improvement to what is currently a very disjointed experience.

At a high level, it would also be good to get consolidated views into a feature parity state to portfolios (reports, etc) where applicable.