URL field link to 'cloud document folders' (OneDrive / Dropbox etc.)


On each holding, each year I receive at least one ‘1042s’ document I would like to attach to the holding.

The current maximum is 5 documents attached per holding… I can only use this for 5 years… this is assuming I only have the 1 document per year.

Options I think of are:

  1. I start attaching compressed (zip) files of multiple years at a time. This is not ideal as I will need to manually add / remove the zip files each year to add to it or extract from it to review certain documents periodically

  2. Upload a document with online link(s) to my OneDrive for each of the documents I wish to attach for this holding.

  3. Drop a URL in the comments field to copy / paste in to a browser for my cloud based document storage.
    3.1 This is not such a bad way to do it and will be my most likely workaround.

Ideally I would like an option to add the URL link to my OneDrive (or any cloud storage) folder where I maintain all my records for this holding… I also figure this is a more cost effective option for Sharesight than increasing the 5 document attachment limit?

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