Uploaded csv file attached to trades

Maybe I’m having new user issues but importing my trading history hasn’t been as simple as it could be.

I recently imported my trading history using a csv file which was the only option from my broker other than entering it manually.

After importing the uploaded csv file was attached to every trade. The file contains hundreds of trades and attaching it to every single trade is not really what I wanted. Maybe I missed it but an option not to attach the file when batch uploading trades would be nice.

My plan is to attach the actual trading paperwork to the trades and I began by editing my most recent trades, deleting the attached uploaded csv file then attaching the trading paperwork and saving the trade.

The problem is my trading paper work has replaced the uploaded csv file on every trade and not just the one In was editing. The solution I have a present is

  • edit the trade
  • delete the attached file
  • save the trade
  • edit the trade again
  • attach the trade paperwork
  • save the trade again

which works but is slow when doing it hundres of times. Hopefully there is a better and faster way.

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