Spin-off T into WBD

Hi, I am holding T which recently were spin-off and received also WBD stock. How to ideally note these transactions into Sharesight? Also the T price was lowered but the capital gain is now too low,not respecting the new price…

I’m in the same situation & would like to know if it’s a mere buy transaction with zero as the share price and how to account for the drop in T’s share price

Hi @zimous @OldBoyScout58!

To handle this in Sharesight, see the below instructions:

T holders will receive 0.241917 shares of WBD per share in T that they own. At this stage, it seems that there is no information in the official release on the cost base for WBD, so all you’ll need to do is enter an opening balance trade manually for WBD for the shares received with a $0 cost base. You can then update this once there is an official release on the cost base information :+1:

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