Selling on a different exchange in a different currency

I bought and sold certain shares on different exchanges and currencies, and wonder how to best deal with this in Sharesight.

For instance, I bought HSBC shares in GBP as HSBA.LSE and sold them in EUR as HBC1.FRA.

I can think of two ways of resolving this, but neither is really “clean and elegant”:

  1. Use the “merge holding” function to change HSBA.LSE to HBC1.FRA shortly before the sale.
  2. Manually convert the EUR sale price to GBP equivalent and sell as HSBA.LSE.

Is there a better solution that I’m missing?

@happyreturns welcome to the community! :rocket:

It would depend on how you need to reflect this, but it sounds like the merge option would be best for tracking the two instrument records.