Sale Allocation Method

Good day all,

I have queries re the Sale Allocation Method. I understand re the choices presented as below when I produce CGT report:

First In, First Out
Last In, First Out
Maximise Gain
Minimise Gain
Minimise CGT

But what I do not understand is what the broker use at the time when I sell my shares (I use CommSec). As these options are not presented for my choosing when I sell shares.

So for example, if I choose “Last in First out” during generating CGT report in Sharesight, how do I make sure that CommSec is doing the same thing?

Thank you all for your insight.

Hi @KPC I’m not familiar with Commsec but from my experience the default would either be FIFO or average method. You might have to check with Commsec if they have the option to set it to LIFO.