OverTheWire (OTW) Takeover by Aussie Broadband (ABB)

Hi Team,
Recent scheme of arrangement for takeover of OverTheWire by Aussie Broadband (OTW & ABB).
The letter i received said that:

  1. Scheme consideration elected in cash = 94.17%
  2. Scheme Consideration per Share = $5.75
    I received the other 5.83% in ABB shares. How do I know what the “purchase price” of the ABB shares was?

Hi @JJB welcome to the community! :wave:

There are a couple of steps to handle this:

First, for the cash, you’ll need to manually enter a trade on the holding. The trade type will be a ‘return of capital’ trade for the cash received.

You will then use our merge feature (below) to convert OTW to ABB:

This guidance is on the assumption that you take up the scrip rollover, which is currently still awaiting the class ruling.

Let me know how you go with this one :+1:

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Thanks Jack,
Much appreciated!
The scrip has already been issued for ABB so I’ll follow the steps noted :pray:t3: