multi account reporting

I hold 4 accounts with Hargreaves Lansdown in the UK. They are treated differently for tax purposes. e.g. one is ISA tax free and one is Fund & Share. The F&S account is where I become liable for capital gains. I may hold shares of one company across the two accounts. So, gains may be tax free in one and taxable in another. I am interested in going with one of the premium services, but would like a report on gains within different HL accounts. I can see that if I use the pdf trade emails that HL defines which account the trade relates to, but that doesn’t seem to be recorded in Sharesight portfolio. Would there be anyway I could differentiate these? Im thinking I need Investor or expert plan and split the accounts out into portfolios and then use the consolidated view for a single view of those?

Hi @davidryder welcome to Sharesight & the community! :tada:

So each of our Investor and Expert plans allows you to create multiple portfolios within your login. Portfolios in Sharesight can be seen as a separate tax entity, so once upgraded you could create a portfolio for each of your accounts.

Once set up, you can then just forward the trade confirmations to the corresponding portfolio.

It would be best to reach out to our support team directly with getting things set up :+1: