Mobile app development timeline?

I’m wondering if there is a mobile app in development?

There is one already on android - “sharesight reader”. Not sure about iOS. It shows your portfolios on the top level and you can drill into your holdings. It’s a read only for viewing performance over certain timescales only. It lacks consolidated views but it does have the ability to use your custom groupings.

in fact this has become a lot more useful since the intraday pricing was released a week ago.

Would still appreciate consolidated views in the mobile app however.

Gotta say that the site is good enough on a mobile without having the Sharesight team devote resources to App development.

For example, I would far and away prefer just faster load and re-display times, because when updating lots of data, I hate the click-refresh-reload-reload-reload thing.

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I agree Sharesight browser refresh performance is a little frustrating. Yahoo Finance is the benchmark for refresh rates. Just a little laggy and slow.