Managed Fund prices appear limited to 3 decimal places

Sharesight is doing a great job tracking managed fund prices for my portfolio but limits the price quoted to 3 decimal places. This leads to minor variations in the value of the holding that are a nuisance day to day but cause a more significant problem come tax and audit time as my Sharesight reporting differs from the more accurate reports that come from the fund. I’d like to provide the Sharesight report to my accountant but it is slightly inaccurate and the overall portfolio valuation is also inaccurate.

An example in Australia is PER0439AU.AUF quoted as $1.803 on Feb 8 but on their website the exit price on that date is $1.802705.

Sharesight prices are accurate but rounded to 3 decimal places for all my managed funds. I believe they should be recorded and reported to 6 decimal places as many funds report their prices to this level.

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