How to best capture quarterly management fees

Hello all,

My broker takes a management fee every quarter from an account (inside my portfolio) that receives all the dividends generated by my investments. Those fees impact the performance of the overall portfolio and I was wondering how to best capture them in Sharesight to make sure they are accounted for.

I tried setting up a cash account which shows all those quarterly fees for the last 5 years and this cash account now has an important negative balance as you would expect. However, the performance of the portfolio does not seem to be affected by this cash account. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Tcs106, you can record this for the holding in the Brokerage field under ‘all trades and adjustments’. You will have to add this to an existing trade. There’s no other specific field to record this. Once you record this under brokerage, it will be factored in the cost price.