How to add Stake fees to portfolio?

So as you may know, Stake has $0 brokerage which is great… however the fees I have paid are approx $1000 over the last FY. The fees don’t seem to be included in the import process … so wondering what that best way is to include them in my portfolio? Thanks ! Ryan

Hi Ryan,
What sort of fees are you referring to?

Hey Ged, thanks for replying. I’m referring to the transfer, fx and express fees

Hi Ryan,

If it like CMC, on the confirmation note from the Broker would have the usual brokerage fees that Sharesight pick up. The transfer, fx and express fees for the trade, are listed separate from the actual brokerage for that stock. If so, I would go into the stock Holding, All trades and Adjustments, then Edit the brokerage amount to include the additional fees.

A better way, so as to make the process automatic, ask the Sharesight guys if they can modify the confirmation note transaction from Stake to also add these fees when presented?

This might be helpful - I imagine that stake will do the same for FY21 but probably easiest to ask them directly.

Thanks Ged, really appreciate this. Will do.

Thanks Naedish ! That article was helpful.

Any luck with Stake? is your intention to split the fx fee amount proportionally across the trades you make? what happens when you make multiple deposits and have a cash build up then make a trade? do you average the fx fees paid to that point?

Exactly my thoughts Knox ! At this stage I’ve put all my fees in my biggest holding, which is not ideal. I’d like it to be a totally seperate line item that feeds in to the bottom line total. Let me know what your thoughts are…

I can appreciate the cost of transferring money across imposes a fee, but to track it in the sharesight portfolio doesn’t really make sense to me due to the above reasons.

The transaction report from Stake doesn’t include your transfer fee, only your membership fee which is in USD…I maintain a separate log of each transfer I do and its this annual sum that I hope can be a deductible not a cost on share purchases.

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Yep totally agree !

Re Fee :- i add manually to each trade is 0.7% as brokerage as i may add 5K to stake but then make 5 to10 trades 750usd x0.7% = $5.25

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That is a very smart way of doing it ! Thanks !