Help with ABR to 5EA CDI (Dual Listing/Scheme of Arrangement)

Hi team,

Hold ABR shares which converted into a different ticker (for dual listing purposes) in the form of CDI (new ticker is 5EA). How to record this properly in Sharesight?

Given there will be CGT business restructure roll-over relief expected to be applicable. Because if I just do a new buy, the capital gain discount might not be applied correctly when I sell (assuming I hold ABR longer than 12 months at the time of disposal).

Thank you!

Hi @RinjaniCapital welcome to the community! :wave:

So with this one, if you use our merge tool it will carry over the cost base of your initial purchase to your new holding. When/if you were to sell, the capital gain would be calculated off of the date you first purchased the initial stock.

One thing to note, the unrealised gain on the new instrument you merge into is based off of the price of the new instrument at the time of the merge.

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Thank you Jack!