Exercising options (MFF)

How to handle options granted at no cost and exercised - I hold MFF and was granted free options (MFFO) to exercise at $2.60 which I have now done. How do I handle this in Sharesight to handle the free options being exercised?

I continue to hold additional Options I purchased which I have not yet exercised as well so would like to know how to handle those too when exercised if there is a difference?

I am also asking the question. Currently just added it as an opening balance … cost is $0.31 as it was on the 22/10

I am in the same position re MFF/MFFOA.asx and also PIC/PICOA.asx, same questions.

Hi @Duffshot38 :wave: if you have received options at no cost, add them as an opening balance at 0 cost in your portfolio. Add a ‘cancellation trade’ at cost, for the quantity you’ve exercised, and then you just need to add that quantity as a ‘buy’ trade to the ordinary share.