DRP residual cash balance

Is it possible to get a view of the residual cash balances for all shares that have a DRP setting of “Round down and track balance”?

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Yes the Round down/Up can be difficult. I got more than I expected and was reported by Sharesight, so I changed to round up. The next time it gave me too many shares so maybe it should have been round down.

Log on to your share registrar >> look up documents >> statements & documents >> click on the holding you are interested in and a list of transactions will be revealed with a PFD file link, this file will contain all the information you require to monitor your residual cash balances from your DRP.

I know that it’s on the PDFs but the data is also in Sharesight.

As the data is already in Sharesight a report would be useful… especially for dodgy ETFs like BetaShares where you need to “claim back” your own money when dropping out of the DRP plan or your forfeit your own money.