Delisted company, 100% loss?

One of my holdings is now completely delisted from its exchange. How do I reflect this in Sharesight to show a 100% loss?

If the company has gone into liquidation which unfortunately has happened to me a couple of times, I just sell the shares at a zero amount as if it was a normal trade. The auditor if you have an SMSF or tax office can ask for proof so probably should upload a document linked to the zero trade that confirms the delisting.


You need to be careful as the capital loss is generally not claimable until the company actually is de-registered with ASIC (but check with your accountant). If it has been de-registered, then just enter a sell trade at $0.


You can sell worthless shares before they are deregistered through Delisted Australia for a small fee. Haven’t needed to use it myself these days although it would have been handy when I first started investing.

The fee is now $150… not so little :crazy_face: