Customising portfolio view to easily see return

Something has changed recently when looking at my portfolio from my mobile.

I used to be able to see holding name and return on one screen.

Now I have to scroll across to see the return, then I can’t see the holding name

I don’t know about others, but I am mainly interested in holding and return.
Can you move return into the 2nd column ?

Or make the columns customisable ?

Thanks for a great product!

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I agree - so annoying not to be able to see returns and share code without scrolling in portrait mode on cellphone. Worked briefly in landscape mode but now that’s doesn’t work either.
At the very least, ticker code column should be ‘fixed’ with remaining columns scrollable.

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Can you make it the same format as the weekly portfolio email ?
I can see the full name of the securities including the full fund names. (Security names have more than one line) and the returns on my mobile phone without having to scroll across.

Customised columns for the weekly portfolio email and portfolio views is my preferred option.


Hello Investor,
Thanks for your feedback. Now, you can view all the details of your holdings including ticker code, quantity, value, capital gains, dividends and return on your phone in the same way you see it on your desktop.

The sharesight app shows the full security name and the return on the same screen and is more readable than the web version.
Perhaps you could consider not withdrawing the app?

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I don’t know about other people but I still can’t read the return at the same time as the security name.
It’s much easier to read it on the app (which you are planning on withdrawing). You can see the security name and the return at the same time.
You can also see the security name and the return at the same time on the weekly portfolio email

It would be good if we could customise the columns so that we could show security name next to the return.

Does anyone know how to now view all your portfolios and their returns like you could on the mobile app? That was the main reason I used the mobile app to get an at a glance look at the returns. I track my kids portfolios as well as my own.

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