Crypto in a currency account?

Query about Crypto (bitcoin and Ether). Hello, I have both Bitcoin and Ether listed on my Portfolio. The specific query I have is how this is handled by Sharesight. When I set these up on Sharesight I picked ‘currency accounts’ (e.g. Bitcoin Currency account) as per the Sharesight guidance, but I am based in the UK and the UK Govt consider crypto a security (like a stock) and not a currency when it comes to tax / capital gains. The issue with having this in a currency account on Sharesight is that the system then does not show the capital gains in the same way. How do other people in the UK handle this in their sharesight portfolios? I wonder if there is a security code I can use for a new holding which is still linked to the live Bitcoin and Ether prices? If not I can create custom holdings and do this manually, but I wanted to check first before doing that.

*note I have asked this question directly to Sharesight as well, but I thought I would ask the community as well because no doubt other people have come across this.