Cash Accounts - select per trade

Paying for Xero doesn’t help - it just replicates the problem in Xero as well. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to create journals in Xero to fix what has come out of Sharesight all because I forgot to change the cash account Sharesight is pointed at before confirming a transaction…

Good to hear (well, not good to hear that Xero doesn’t solve the problem) but good to confirm my decision to move away from Sharesight.

For anyone following along with a single portfolio, I can highly recommend BGL Simple Invest 360 Investor Edition.

It pulls in transactions from share trading platforms, your bank accounts, automatically processes dividend and distribution transactions, and will even lodge your trust / company tax returns direct to the ATO.

I won’t link to it here, but if you google it, you’ll find what you need.

And, for people with more than one bank account, it happily handles transactions between bank accounts, purchases out of one account and dividends into another account.

Downside is that it is double entry accounting, so it is a little more involved, but once set up, it actually does your books.

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Any update Share Sight?

I have same sitatuation. I have portfolio in ShareSight, that is an account at brokerage. I have transactions/holdings in CA$ and US$. The default currency is CA$. I have created two cash accounts one for CA$ and one for US$. ShareSight updates the CA$ cash account but does not allow me to keep US$ automatically. Ideally, there should be a field to choose the cash account with every transaction.

I see that there are lot of requests in this thread and no action has been taken for a number of years. Is this expected in near future?

Is there a workaround that can be used?

I have the same problem. I have cash account in Euro , US Dollar and GBP. Sharesight team have any idea if the possibility to chose from differetn cash account is going to be implemented?