Cash Accounts - select per trade

Any updates on this? @Jessinv_Sharesight

Same need! All my portfolios have multi-currencies. Eg. In IBKR I hold natural currency in AUD USD SGD EUR and HKD and use those accounts to pay for stock purchases and dividends are received in natural currencies without conversion.

This is a key functionality to being able to track global assets otherwise I could use any one of the financial aggregator / portfolio tracker apps in the U.S.

Would love to be able to eventually link normal global bank accounts like ANZ, Chase, Marcus, DBS as well - Kubera (another portfolio tracking app) has done this very effectively. Will be necessary to properly account for “cash vs debt vs equities”
Holding from an asset allocation perspective too. For now would be happy to have at least ability to key in manually in different currencies which are live converted into the default currency at spot FX to understand true wealth tracking.

@Jessinv_Sharesight any update on this functionality. Thanks

I support this - update, please?

Maybe I missed this in the threads in the different discussions but one of the problems I face is that cash accounts are linked to a portfolio. But my portfolios are spread out over different brokers. As I understand it, Sharesight implicitly assumes that a portfolio-broker relationship is one-on-one (maybe to allow for easier automated input of trades?)

(In fact there seems to be quite a rigid separation between portfolios. E.g., the color coding of labels is not synced on the highest level, even if the description (text/label) is the same and thus can be used to filter across portfolios.)

This means that a broker cash account can be used for more than one portfolio, and conversely one portfolio can draw on more than one cash account at the same broker or even different brokers…

I’m going to experiment with a few of the options mentioned in this webinar Sharesight - How to track cash in Sharesight - YouTube
It seems that each transaction entry will have to be offset (manually) by a counter booking in the “virtual cash accounts” – i.e., a fixed allocated capital – I created in the portfolios.

I appreciate any feedback or comments.


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The way Sharesight determines a portfolio is less on the broker(s) used. We typically define a portfolio as a single tax entity. Our product team is exploring how we can improve the cash account feature, I’ll keep this thread updated if any new developments come forward :+1:

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@Jack_Sharesight Could you please let us know if this feature is something that Sharesight are thinking of implementing in the near future? A lot of people have been asking for it for a while now…Thanks!

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Hi all,

Thanks again for all the feedback in this thread. Our team is exploring some of the options to improve our manual cash account features related to syncing trades and dividends.

This will be a focus for our product team, and we aim to launch this later this year.

I’ll keep this thread updated as things progress and we can get a better idea on launch timelines and how this will look in our Sharesight :+1:


I have also been asking for this over many years and I am pleased to see Sharesight seems to be taking notice of the large number of requests. If you have a share portfolio and a bank outside you stated tax residency Sharesight cash account is useless. I have asked why a cash account needs to be linked to tax residency and have never had a reply. I hope this is coming soon.

Agree with everyone . Manual selection of any any of the multiple cash accts would be awesome in the trade window.

Adding my interest to this feature as well.

For those of us that use more than one broker (eg one for equities and one for fixed interest or one for domestic markets and another for foreign markets) or that maintain investments in different currencies (with dividends paid to a bank account in the same currency) this is a very sought after feature; particularly where the investor links their Sharesight account to Xero.

I am sick of having to go into Sharesight and adjust the Xero bank account that trades or distributions are sent to, prior to confirming each transaction. Also, I’m sick of having to re-enter transactions when I forget to make this adjustment.

The lack of this feature makes the Xero integration pointless.

Sharesight can see and send transactions to multiple accounts, why can’t it allow the account to be chosen when each transaction is confirmed?

Update please! Has this feature made your product development list for 2022. It is critical for anyone trading stocks and tracking dividends across Global markets. I invest a significant amount of time manage my cash accounts from dividends and trades (up over 50+ in one month) manually in Sharesight to the point where I cannot use the program. Appreciate a response @Jack_Sharesight

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I support this need as well.

It is a feature that is really lacking from Sharesight.

These days trading in different currencies with the same or different brokers is common place, so common it is surprising Sharesight doesn’t have this capability.

+1 from me.

I just went to set this up with my AUD and USD Cash accounts / trades and was firstly surprised to see that I seemed to need two portfolios to achieve this but then that I couldn’t actually do it because I don’t want to setup the US portfolio as US tax residency.

My needs are simple, I just want a US portfolio and an AU portfolio each with a cash account in the respective currency so that trades in each portfolio automatically create transactions against its default cash account in that currency.

If I could transfer between cash accounts in different portfolios as well, that’d be icing on the cake.

Cash Account functionality is by far the worst and most cumbersome part of Sharesight.

It is so bad that it totally distracts from all the good features of Sharesight.

If you have more than one Cash Account in a Portfolio and you want to allocate holdings to each you have to go into Portfolio settings each time and change the Cash/Trade Account settings. Why can this not be done in the Add Holdings page, at the very least?

Allocating different Cash Accounts to trades or different brokers within a Portfolio is not possible unless you use multiple Portfolio’s.

You can’t even tag transactions as Reconciled in a Cash Account!

But wait Sharesight charge you more for accessing more Portfolio’s! So the work around to the problems cost you more in Sharesight fees!

Any updates? @Jack_Sharesight