Cash Account Functionality - Settlement Date

Cash Account Functionality even though not supported can easily be supported by couple of modifications. i manually manage the transactions as that is one piece my accountant likes to see. My problems

  • Not having two bank accounts feature because I pay my entitlements of SPP and rights issue from a bank and most of trading from the broker cash account. This appears to be in the development. I basically credit every time I have SPP or Rights issue to nullify the entry created in the cash account.
  • There is no Settlement day field which I think is available for ZERO integration. I spend days in adjusting the settlement day from the trading day as the cash account is based on settlement day. I got the plane answer from support cash account is not supported!!

I hope there will be more push from the community to get this easy fix done. In my view all that is needed is to have extra field of settlement day and use that day to integrate with zero instead of doing +2 and for all other broker integration post the date to cash account.