Magellan MHH to MHHT

Hi, Magellan have changed its high conviction listed trust to a structure similar to an ETF.
The Ticker has changed from MHH to MHHT. As per Magellans scheme booklet there is no capital gains event. What is the best way to handle this is in sharesight.

I think I found it. Open the MHH individual holding page. Under Holding settings select Merge this holding. Pick the new holding MHHT. The cost base is already filled in. The quantity of shares is the same as MHH. Save changes.


Thanks Fractal, Do you then need to delete MHH from Sharesight. My one is still showing?

I did try that initially however it gave a 1600$ Gain immediately so I deleted it. However on second thought I think you are correct, the 1600$ gain was just the difference between the MHH final price of 1.77 and the first opening price of 1.82 for MHHT.

I will try it again. Regarding deleting MHH, I don’t think you do that, the MHH holding is annotated with some thing like Merged and Closed. MHH isn’t shown in the current portfolio but it needs to remain in the background to retain the previous distributions.

On different portfolios my MHH holding disappeared from the screen, but on my main one it is still there?

Following the merge from MHH to MHHT, MHH is retained with zero shares. MHH needs to be retained for historic financial reporting even though it is delisted.

The cost base of MHH transfers across to MHHT and there is no CGT event.

There was a jump from the closing price of MHH to the opening price of MHHT but since no shares were bought or sold this is not a CGT event.

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Thanks for info Fractal.

Thanks for the info Fractal! Good stuff!