Identifying the transactions Sharesight uses when calculating CGT

In producing a CGT report, First In First Out is straightforward if you want to know which parcels the system used as being sold in calculating CGT. However if I use Minimise CGT, while I can assume the report will select those parcels which are closest in purchase price to the sale price (taking into account discount and other rules) , is there any way I can determine the specific parcels used in the calculation for a given year. I presume that in subsequent years reports , those parcels taken as ‘sold’ in previous reports will be excluded in future reports’ calculations so Sharesight must have them identified. It would be great if parcels used up as sold in reporting were highlighted in transaction lists. I have certain stocks where I have acquired thousands over decades and occasionally trade parcels of a few hundred and would like to know which ones the system used in calculating CGT under the minimise approach.