Grid format for data entry and editing

I have just upgraded to a paid account and am having to enter and update many fields based on the way my dividends are being taxed and the manual adjustments of currency conversions etc.

I would like a grid entry / edit option like I have when maintaining products in Shopify for example (pics attached).

On a single holding I entered… purchased in 2007, it has 4 dividends paid per year, which I need to adjust (at minimum) for each entry:

  • Dividend Amount
  • Tax Withholding
  • Currency Conversion

The process is currently:

  1. Select the company / holding in the portfolio
  2. Expand the Income list
  3. Scroll to bottom (or last edited entry)
  4. Select the entry I wish to edit
  5. Use mouse to click in to each cell I wish to edit
    ---- 5.1 The ‘Tab’ key stops at each (?) bubble or certain other user controls making it a ‘keyboard and mouse’ required activity
  6. Key the data
  7. Click the ‘Save changes’
  8. Go back to step 2 and repeat over again

I am doing this process for every line, which is about 60 times for the one holding.
A grid edit would be a great feature (IMHO) :slight_smile: