Duplicate Dividends

I have just logged in today and all my dividends have been duplicated. All the reports show this as well, it’s a complete mess now. Has anyone else this problem?


Same. Fixed it this morning and looks like more have appeared during the day.

Same, I’ve got new dividends for companies that were delisted in 2019!

Hi @philknowles is this for any particular market/instrument specifically, or is this showing for all eligible holdings?

Yes I have many duplicates on several different holdings. Have sent an email asking when a fix will be applied.

@Jack_Sharesight It’s all my holdings - UK market. It also has backdated duplicates a few months so all of my tax reports are completely wrong. This really needs to be resolved at source and quickly please.

Just to update anyone watching this thread. Our team is investigating this, and you may have noticed some messaging within the app. We’ll be in touch as this gets resolved :+1:

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@Jack_Sharesight hopefully you won’t be deleting confirmed dividends. Personally I’d rather manually delete the duplicates rather than add in ones removed in error. Thanks.

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Support, shall I just delete them myself so that I can get back to logging new dividends without fear of messing up any corrective roll backs etc?

Hi all,

Just an update, we’ve deployed a fix for this issue.


Has it been taken effect? Still seeing the dupes as of now. Or should we individually removed the duplicates from users’ end

Hi @mrmana

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This is fixed for all impacted accounts so you shouldn’t be seeing any duplicates.

Are the securities in question REITs? If so, these aren’t duplicates as REITS often have multiple payments on the same day.