Option to select which currency to settle transaction to in dual currency accounts

I would like to see dual cash account settlement option within same account. For instance my investment account has both CAD cash and USD cash accounts and can hold investments in either currency. I would like sharesight account to have ability to settle to either cash account on security by security basis and allow me to choose which cash account to settle purchases and sales to as well as where dividends get paid to at the time I establish the holding in the account. This would allow me to easily match my statements from my broker and ensure everything is properly tracked. As I am Canadian the system could still capture the pertinent CAD/USD exchange rate when I buy and sell for purposes of tax reporting but would carry the shares in the currency in which it is held. Within reports you could then select it to show in currency of holding or default currency of account. Currently I have to go into my CAD cash account and back out dividends paid by my USD holdings that actually settle in my USD cash account then replicate the transaction in the USD cash account. (I have set up a CAD cash account and a USD cash account and manually reconcile the balances)

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This is an interesting idea. It would only be applicable for some reports because you could never show a total of all your holdings as you would be adding USD and CAD and whatever other currencies someone may hold stocks in. Obviously to total all holdings they must be in the same currency. However I see your point re reconciling to broker statements. Maybe the SS overview screen and some reports just need another column for the holding value in purchase currency (it already shows the share price in purchase currency) which would only show when grouping by currency and only show the totals of this column by currency and not a grand total.

That in fact is already the case. I have USD and CAD cash accounts set up within each investment account. When reviewing reports all the totals are shown in CAD converting the USD cash balances to Canadian Dollars.

The way Sharesight currently operates it in fact does not accurately track my holdings as it deposits USD dividends into my CAD account at the then applicable FX rate. This is not what is actually happening as I receive those dividends in USD and hold them in USD in the USD cash account attached to my account. I have try to mirror this now in Sharesight by withdrawing the dividend amount from my CAD cash account and depositing to the USD cash Account. For Tax reporting purposes Sharesight would still need to capture the FX rate on the day of the dividend and use that when generating the tax report otherwise it should allow you to settle the actual cash dividend to a USD account so you can match actual holdings in real time.

Hi @mor02880 :wave: Thank you for your valuable feedback. We are planning on some enhancements to our cash accounts in near future and pleased to confirm that this is in our road map. You might want to follow this thread for further updates.