Multiple benchmarks at the same time

It would be great to have the possibility to compare your portfolio performance to multiple benchmarks at the same time. You can only visualize one benchmark at the time right now.


I strongly support this! Asset classes such as managed funds are very diverse and having a single benchmark produces some odd results for the outliers

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This would be great. Often I want to compare an ETF or managed fund I own against another, but the performance of my holding is influenced by my buys/sells since I first bought it and therefore doesn’t represent the performance of the fund itself. It’s not an apples to apples comparison. If there were two or more benchmarks allowed I could compare my holding of a fund to the fund itself as well as a different fund.

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It’ll add immense value instead of changing manually benchmark.

A variation: I would love the option of selecting appropriate benchmarks for each type of managed fund - fixed interest, global shares etc. Applying a single benchmark to all managed funds holdings really doesn’t clarify anything; it needs to be a comparison of like with like against a relevant benchmark.

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Agree on these issues raised.

Yea exactly, in my opinion it would be great to have the option of selecting appropriate benchmarks for each Custom Group you have. For example, I have a Custom Group with all my REIT holdings and I would like to have the VNQ ETF as a benchmark under that Custom Group section in the Portfolio Overview page.

Yes, I totally agree with the suggestions. I have selected STW for the benchmark but I wanted to choose a different one like QQQ for the US stocks. Showing STW for the US stocks doesn’t provide any meaningful comparison. I would appreciate if the team could prioritise this.

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