How to handle Salesforce and Slack acquisition

Salesforce (CRM:NYSE) and Slack(WORK:NYSE) announced on Dec 1 2020 that Salesforce will acquire Slack.

Slack (WORK.NYSE), they will recieve 0.0776 shares of Salesforce common stock.

Follow the steps below for how to handle this in Sharesight:

1 – Click on Slack, WORK on the Portfolio Overview Page

2 – Click ‘Enter a new Trade or Adjustment’.

3 – On the pop-up window, select ‘Return of Capital’ from the transaction type dropdown.

Based on the [Investor Relations announcement], set the:

Paid On Date’ : July 21 2021

Date of trade’: July 21 2021

Capital Returns Value’: $26.79 x 0.0776 of Slack shares for Salesforce shares held on the Record Date

7 – ‘Comment’: Salesforce acquisition of Slack. Record date is 21 July 2021.

8 – Choose a file: to help keep your records in order, you can attach the [Investor Relations Announcement Letter]

9 – Click ‘Save this trade’ button.

10 – On the Slack Individual Holding Page, click on ‘Holding Settings’ tab.

11 – Click on ‘Merge this holding’ button.

12 – On the Merge Holding pop-up window, set the ‘Date of Merge’ as 20 February 2019.

13 – Type Salesforce or CRM in the search field and select CRM:NYSE Salesforce from the dropdown list.

14 – Type in the ‘Quantity’ field: 0.0776 x Slack shares held on the Record Date (Slack shareholders receive 0.0776 Salesforce share for every Slack share)

15 – In the ‘Comments’ field, type a note for your reference of why this acquisition happened.

16 – Click ‘Save changes’.