How do I adjust for an ASX delisting?

How do I need to make an adjustment for an Listed Investment Trust that I hold that has now delisted from the ASX and is now purely held as an unlisted managed fund? For reference the holding is FOR.asx. Thanks, Andrew


Hi Andrew, I’ve reached out to Sharesight support about this and they are looking into it.

If you go to add a new holding in Sharesight and search for Forager, you will find the data feed for the unlisted managed fund with pricing updated daily, so at least there is a data feed

I am keen to know the answer to this too for the same delisting!

Looking for an answer for how to deal with the FOR delisting too.

I can’t find the new unlisted fund. The only one showing up is the original unlisted fund that got closed when transferred to FOR.

They are reusing it. If you look you’ll notice the pricing is current

Edit: weird, it had current pricing when I checked a couple of days ago.

I did email Forager and they confirmed that it was FHT0009AU

Hi Matthew can I check are we still waiting on some info to come back from your support team?

I presume we need to close the asx record at the close price and then add the new unlisted fund based on the search as advised above.

I must admit I didn’t realise you could enter unlisted managed funds in sharesight. I have another fund that I could add but unsure how I record the opening figures. Can you point me in the right direction?


hey Andrew, im just a regular sharesight user like you, I just replied cause Im in the same boat but had already reached out to sharesight support and got a response.

i followed up with them yesterday and Piumi said they were still looking into it.

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I wonder if you can use the ‘Merge’ feature. The issue is that ideally I would also want details of previous distributions to come across. In my case, I have owned from when it was a originally a fund, then converted to a listed LIT on the ASX and now back to being a fund again

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yes, it really would be nice to get a response from Sharesight on what is not that uncommon a situation.

Apologies Matthew didn’t realise. Appreciate you letting me know.

Yes I’m in the same boat I initially invested via their managed fund before it listed & now the delisting. I did however only set things up on Sharesight based on units held and opening price @$1.60 when it listed on the ASX as I didn’t realise you could put unlisted funds on this platform.

Thank you for your suggestion here @Kippax. It is the correct feature to be used. @AndrewC @matthew_s @evetsllub @price1d you can use the merge feature to convert your shares from FOR to the new fund code. From what we know the fund code is FHT0009AU. However, we are yet to receive the price updates for this as our data provider is still verifying the corporate action with the fund company.

Once we have received confirmation from the data provider on the price update and the correct fund code to be used, we will confirm back to you on this.

I’m trying to use the Merge feature, but as I owned the unlisted forager fund before it first moved to a listed fund back in 2016, and have therefore already merged out of it once, I am getting an error “You cannot merge back into a cancelled (merged) holding!”

Hi @evetsllub can you please get in touch with our support team on this? They will help you resolve it.

Unfortunately, the information I received from the help desk 2 weeks ago was completely wrong. I now have to manually input all the drp and purchase information again. Not very happy. Wish I had found this thread.