Exchange not updating prices

None of my Stocks (primarily FTSE350) have been updating since late yesterday… Anyone else having the same issue. Contacted Sharesight and still await a reply.

Neither of mine

I have raised with Sharesight but pleased it seems a problem not just for me.

Very annoying.

They should put a note out on the APP informing that they are aware and working to fix instead of asking questions as if I am the only one impacted and doing something wrong

Very Frustrating especially that the turn around on dealing with issues is EXTREMELY SLOW with them being based in AUS. 2 days of trading wasted and still await an answer.

Hi, I am in Bath and I’m having the same problem. I hope they fix it soon. At least there’s no trading to miss for the next two days!

Not sure they realise there is a problem still. Keep asking me questions as if i am stupid

Maybe it is only the FTSE stocks