Careless data input by Sharesight staff

I am using Sharesight to track dividend flow. On several occasions you are missing dividends. On others you show the wrong amount. On some others I have noted that the XD date is incorrectly input as the pay date. It is spoiling my record keeping. Unless you get this right, I will cancel my subscription and go elsewhere.

Here are a couple of examples (there are others).
VALE.NYSE - The two dividends paid on 13/9/22 are completely missing.
7272.TYO - You show the pay date as 29/6/22. In fact that was the XD date. The pay date was 9/9/22
1911.TYO You show date paid as 29/6/22. The correct pay date was 8/09/22
1911.TYO You show the dividend at 4000.0 cents in the comments and as ¥60.00 in the Original Corporate Action Details.
489.HKG You show the date paid as 21/6/22 when in fact it was 25/8/22
489.HKG You show the amount of dividend as 34.98 cents in the original Corporate Action Details and as 35.19 cents in the comments.